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Al hurea Company provides services to meet your security needs.

Al hurea Company, our core business has always been uniformed guarding services.
 With advancements in technology and a changing security environment, we now offer
Integrated Guarding to enhance our traditional security services. Read more about how we can help improve your security program.




Executive protection provides a protection level 1 with an armored SUV or car and a security driver.    Upon request, we can add an armed bodyguard in addition to the chauffeur.  We provides professional armed and unarmed executive security protection for services to organizations in Iraq and throughout the entire country.
We,  security officers are professional, reliable, dedicated and have been handpicked through our recruiting and interviewing process. They have received comprehensive field training and are professionally managed.

  • Bodyguards are specially trained in Executive security protection.
  • Ground Transportation , provided by highly trained security personnel.
  • VIP Protection ,  for you company or business, anywhere in Mexico.
  • Get executive protection from real experts.

Plus the followings:

Integrated Guarding

Global and National Accounts

Remote Entry/Exit Management

Mobile Guarding

Special Event Security